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Life Coaching for foreigners

Life coaching (also referred to as: Personal Coaching) is designed for anyone who is longing to bring positive change into one’s life. It may be the most beneficial form of individual support for those of you who have a particular feeling of “being stuck in life”, as well as for those who have already found their path, but they want to achieve their goals more effectively.


If you do care about discovering and achieving your full potential, the coach will support you through the process of change, that is: goals setting, developing the best personal strategy, building self-confidence and motivation.


In PrimoPsyche Centre we also provide life coaching in English and French.


If you are a foreigner living in Poland or a Polish expat-to-be, life coaching may be uniquely useful. Migration involves numerous adaptation challenges. Being provided with an adequate support of a cross-cultural coach, you will be able to face new challenges and:

  • gain knowledge and understanding of cross-cultural differences in everyday communication,
  • choose the best adaptation strategy,
  • know better and/or redefine your cultural identity,
  • become more effective in coping with cultural shock,
  • and in consequence, achieve your goals more efficiently.


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