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Sexological consultations

Most of us find it difficult to openly discuss the problems relating to our sexuality. The embarrassment accompanying these issues often prevents us from seeking help, and forces us to accept with resignation the lack of satisfaction in our sex life. However, avoiding such problems usually makes the situation worse. The accumulated frustration may lead to problems in other areas in our life, like relationships in general, self-esteem etc. However, it is worth to know that problems relating to sexuality are not at all rare. An average of three out of five persons are confronted with such issues at some point in their life. Most of these problems can be tackled with appropriate therapy. Seeking help is therefore extremely important – a specialist can help you regain a satisfactory sex life.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are dealing with any of these issues:
– dissatisfaction with your sex life
– intimacy issues and sex avoidance
– sexual orientation issues
– gender identity issues – erectile dysfunction
– loss of sexual desire
– painful intercourse
– anorgasmia
– vaginismus
– premature or delayed ejaculation
– compulsive masturbation
– sex addiction

If erotic situations are a cause of stress, embarrassment or suffering, immediate help is required. It is worth noting that sexual disorders may have a number of different roots and causes (psychological, somatic, or a combination of the two), and are therefore treated by different specialists. If you are not sure whose aid to seek, it is best to talk to a psychologist-sexologist, who can diagnose your problem and will help you choose the right treatment.


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