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Cross-Cultural Training

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Our programs are tailored for international students and focus on development of cultural intelligence, that is awareness and understanding of cultural issues in a modern world. The main goal of the courses is to improve skills such as efficient communication, problem solving and stress coping in an international environment.


Training programs designed together by PrimoPsyche Psychological Centre and Albatross Cross-Cultural Training fuse theory and practice and infuse students with perspective and strong practical skills.


During the workshops students gain practical tools they can use in order to profit from any exchange program, that is for educational or, in the future, for professional reasons.


Tomorrow starts today. Our programs raise cultural sensitivity, that is competence to notice, understand and make practical use from cultural diversity, as well as develop problem solving strategies. In a wider perspective, those competences provide a competitive edge on the global market.


If you are willing to:

  • raise students’ sensitivity to cross-cultural differences and their consequences in communication;
  • develop cross-cultural competences of your students;
  • form and support your students’ cultural intelligence;
  • provide communication skills in a multicultural environment;
  • and simply strengthen and improve the effectiveness of future actions,

then we encourage you to make yourself acquainted with our sample offer below.




A regular training program may consist of any units. You can choose and join the units according to your needs and goals. However, we recommend to start with the basic unit “Cross-Cultural Communication”.


One unit lasts about 1 hour 45 minutes.

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