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A consultation usually involves a single meeting with a psychologist, although multiple sessions may sometimes be necessary. The objective of consultations is an in-depth and solution-centered evaluation of the problem. Immediate support is also provided during consultations – our specialists will help in understanding the problems that your child may be facing.


Do not hesitate to contact us if your child is dealing with any of these issues:
– adjustment disorders, eating problems
– anxiety, agitation, hyperactivity
– depression, apathy, withdrawal

– traumatic experiences (parental divorce, death or illness of a relative, accidents)

– learning difficulties, fear of school

– acculturational difficulties
– proneness to conflict
– aggressive behaviour
– recurrent failure to conform to social norms

– trouble dealing with peers (avoidance, distancing, fear of being judged)


We provide additional help for adolescents facing problems such as:
– puberty issues

– conflicts with parents and peers

– anxiety and stress

– low self-confidence
– angst and desolation
– addiction


If you feel that your child requires aid, but you are not sure about which measures you should take, do not hesitate to book a consultation. A specialist can help you to evaluate the situation and recommend an appropriate course of action.

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